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A delightful trio of tobacco scents to fill your space with rich fragrances of pipe, cigar, and warm memories. 

One 3.3 oz amber jar each of Old Toby, Cuban Cigar, and Ye Ol' Tobacco Shoppe.

Cuban Cigar - Enter the smoking room - where the gentlemen in fine smoking jackets rest in leather high back chairs enjoy a Cuban cigar. Hints of fruity wine, spicy cinnamon, warm cloves, aromatic incense, and earthy patchouli on base notes of tobacco leaf and oriental spice.

Old Toby - A smoky, herbaceous tobacco leaf with a touch of sweet honey, leathery cedarwood, fresh cherry wood, and vanilla bean.  Masculine, refreshing and soothing...  Worthy of any shireling's pipe!

Ye Ol' Tobacco Shoppe - Set foot inside a fine tobacco shop and inhale hints of cherry blossoms and cinnamon atop smoky tobacco leaves with lingering notes of vanilla and tonka bean.


Please practice safe candle burning. Protect surfaces from scorching and do not burn candles unsupervised, especially near pets or children. Candles burn best when lit for 2-4 hours away from drafts and wicks are trimmed to 1/4" before lighting.

Tobacco Small Amber Trio

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