Spa Lites Quad

Relax in the bath or enjoy where you like as these Spa Lites are mini but mighty in giving off delightful aromas when lit. Larger than a tealight, they stand alone or rest in most votive holders. Perfect as a sampler of some of 3 Keys fragrances for yourself, these quads are also gift-ready in a lovely black box with luxe gold tissue inside and black ribbon outside.

Each Spa Lite is 1.5 oz of highly fragranced pure soy wax in a heat-resistant stay-cool and recyclable polycarbonate votive cup. 2" diameter X 1.5" deep. Set of 4. (Please see the Fragrance List at the bottom of This Page for scent descriptions.)

Sets Available: Fantasy Quad = 1 each of: Black Night Phoenix, Dark Forest Currant, Dragon's Blood Far Misty Mountain

Comfort Quad - 1 each of: Amber Romance, Driftwood Island, Oats-Milk-&-Honey, Vanilla Cardamom

Nature Quad - 1 each of: Cactus & Sea Salt, Lavender & Rosemary, Mahogany Woods, Mandarin Spice (aka Dickens Christmas)

Autumn Quad - 1 each of: Spiced Pumpkin Latte, Autumn Lodge, Apple Sage, Bonfire Night

Christmas quad - 1 each of: Holly Berry, O Christmas Tree, Celebrate Christmas, Bayberry Woods

NOTE: Spa Lites will burn down to a safety level on the wick and self extinguish, leaving approximately .25 inches of wax to keep from overheating the container. This wax is still highly fragrant and the unlit Spa Lite remainder can be set in a small area to freshen or it can be scooped out to place in a warmer to enjoy further.

Spa Lites Quad