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If you already have a subscription and would like additional boxes for a particular month, this is the place to order them. Simply select which month's box you want more of and add to your cart.



Just in time for the holidays, December's Bliss Box brings a trio of delight in black, blue, and gold! Scintillate your senses with the scents of the season: O Christmas Tree, Dicken's Christmas, and Holly Berry. Along with your candles in tins find melts in Holly Berry and 3 blue/black buffalo plaid ornaments with well wishes for the holidays.

Candle tins - 6 oz each X 3

Wooden printed ornaments


In a continuation of Autumn delight, we offer you November's Bliss Box: Fill your space with the Fall beauty of our Mahogany Woods fragrance! Set this tasteful marble-designed ceramic coaster on your favorite table, top it and light the beautiful candle in exquisite gray/silver tin. Or use your own warmer (why not a new 3 Keys Candles Warmer?) with the same enchanting scent in Fine Wax Melts. Faux fallen leaves are included to add to the woodsy feel. Enjoy a free mystery bonus in this month's box!

Candle tin - 7 oz in Mahogany Woods Scent   Fine Wax Melts - 3 oz in Mahogany Woods Scent

Bonus - ??



Additional Subscription Boxes

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